Aydınmaksan Tractor Mounted Wood Chıppıng Machıne

Price : 2.079 $
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Date Updated : 23 May 2024
Production Type : Brand
Brand : Aydınmaksan
Model : Tdo-510b
Production Year : 2024
Ösa Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi
Türkiye - Sakarya - Akyazı
Merkez Fabrika : Kuzuluk Orta Mahalle Mah. Akyazı Cad. No: 138 Sakarya/Akyazı
Ad Description


Engine Specifications: Min. 24 Hp Tractor Power

Capacity: Max. 8cm

Number of Blades: 3 Sharpenable Blades

Feeding: Self-Feeding with Free Falling

Bunker Entrance: (H)52 / (L)62 cm

discharge System: 360° Movement Angle Chimney System

Carrying System: Tractor with 3 Hanger Arms

Width X Length X Height: 86 CM X 132 CM X 139 cm Weight: 210 kg

Warranty: 2 Years


It has the ability to workcomfortably even on your small tractors. The outlet chimney can rotate 360° todirect the sawdust in the correct direction and can be folded duringtransportation.

Ourtractor-backed branch shredding machine breaks down collected waste such aspruned tree branches, leaves, grass-meadow, and twigs into small pieces andallows them to be turned into chips. Thanks to tractor-backed branch grindingand shredding, the products obtained by grinding vegetal waste are kept for 3-4months, fermented and ready to be spread on the soil surface.

Thisorganic fertilizer with high protein value, which protects the vitality ofmicroorganisms in the soil, maintains soil moisture, prevents erosion anddiseases, provides yield and increase, as well as has important benefits suchas cleaning the environment from agricultural waste and preventing pollution ofnature.

Itallows the collected waste such as pruned tree branches, leaves, grass-meadowand twigs to be broken into small pieces and turned into chips. Vegetablewastes are kept for 3-4 months and fermented to become ready to spread on thesoil surface.