Automatic Carpet Washing Machine 6 Brushed

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Date Updated : 01 Mar 2024
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Afbamak / ngrobs CLEAN - Tech Robots
Türkiye - Afyon - merkez
Ad Description
  • Stainless
  • 6 pieces 48cm diameter circle brush and 1 Piece Bottom Long Roller Brush
  • 220 cm, 260cm, 320cm and 420cm bandwidth options,
  • Adjusting the carpet washing time, Band forward – back, fast – slow running feature,
  • Automatic operation, brush rotation and speed adjustment feature,
  • Ability to adjust the pressure of the brushes in mm, Independent engine and gearbox in each brush and separate suspension in each brush,
  • 200bar rotes automatic angled scraper, scraper right left speed adjustment,
  • Roll making feature, Wetting pool, Transport trolley,
  • Stainless bearing, bearing, bolt, nut, washer, Siemens control panel

Automatic Carpet Washing Machines