50 Kw Central System Steam Generator

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Date Updated : 01 Mar 2024
Production Type : Brand
Brand Kleppa
Model : Km-05
Production Year : 2023
Kleppa Teknoloji
Türkiye - İstanbul - Başakşehir
İkitelli O.s.b. Sinpaş İş-modern 2.kısım A17-18
Ad Description
"KM-05 50 KW Central System Steam Generator can easily handle 14-16 ironing tables with its capacity. It operates under full control with three different safety systems and provides uninterrupted steam production. This generator, which can be easily moved thanks to its wheels, is produced with high-quality materials without compromising quality and in compliance with international safety standards. Its compact size makes it a practical choice for users. Each resistor operates independently of each other, allowing you to open all resistors in case of intense steam needs, or open only the necessary amount for electricity savings in case of less steam needs.

This generator offers long-lasting use for its users. The pump used in the boiler is an Italian PEDROLLO pump, and the steam valves used in the boiler are also high-quality Italian valves. Safety system materials are also of high quality, and its electrostatic powder-coated body provides increased durability against rust. With its quick steam production feature, the generator starts producing steam quickly. You can use it reliably for 24 hours without interruption. It operates with industrial-type 380V electricity and its pump system ensures automatic water feeding. The steam pressure tank is made of steel and resistors can be gradually activated according to the steam capacity to be used."

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