Bosch fire detectors monitor material and yarn production
Bosch fire detectors monitor material and yarn production Barthels-Feldhoff was founded as a thread mill and dyeing works in 1829 and manufactures narrow and high-tech textiles. Braiding and dyeing, along with milling and ribbon weaving, are today the core competencies of the company in the production of narrow textiles for various industrial applications. When various textile materials and yarns are manufactured and processed, small material and dust particles are produced — this poses a particular challenge for reliable fire monitoring using smoke detectors. These particles get everywhere — even into the detection chambers of detectors. Conventional fire detectors with open detection chambers can only operate reliably in such tough environmental conditions for a very short time. Due to the fine dust particles and the high lint levels in the ambient air, even fire monitoring with smoke extraction systems would only be possible at great expense in terms of cleaning. Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH has updated the fire detection system in use at Barthels-Feldhoff GmbH & Co. KG Textilwerke in Wuppertal, Germany. Around 300 fire detectors and three Universal Fire Panels 2000 Series SRT operating in a loop now ensure the safety of people and property on site. All machine shops and offices are monitored. The existing smoke and heat exhaust units, air conditioning and ventilation systems and operating equipment control systems have been integrated into the fire alarm system.The Bosch 500 series fire detector is the perfect solution for particular production environments such as these. It detects smoke via two measurement sections outside the housing, meaning that there is only need for a virtual chamber. The high reliability of these fire detectors is also due to the intricate optical systems, electrical filters and digital signal processing system that Bosch has developed through years of experience with professional fire detectors. Unobtrusively flat, flush mounted and fitted with a smooth, tough upper surface, the 500 series fire detectors are virtually unaffected by dust, fibres and foreign objects. In addition, each detector continuously checks its contamination level and triggers a fault message if any impairment is detected. Fault-free operation of the fire detector can be ensured by cleaning its surface regularly with a microfiber cloth.