Trustifi partners with Engate Technology for advanced network-level Anti-Spam security
Trustifi partners with Engate Technology for advanced network-level Anti-Spam security Engate Technology Corporation has announced a strategic partnership with Trustifi, a leading Identity Solutions Provider (IdSP). Under the agreement, Trustifi will market and support Engate’s network profiling anti-spam products for enterprises and SMBs. Trustifi specializes in providing secure solutions to organizations that give authorized users secure access to personal or third party data and services. Powered by Engate™, Trustifi has launched its hosted anti-spam solution for small to midsize companies that suffer from the continuous onslaught of spam and botnet-driven attacks. Trustifi’s hosted anti-spam service is suited for organizations that do not have their own IT staff on hand to support their security requirements and for companies that are not satisfied with the accuracy or cost of their current hosted / appliance-based anti-spam solution. The company is also reselling the flagship Engate MailSentinel™ anti-spam appliance which stops spam and malicious attacks outside the customer‘s network with over 99% accuracy to larger enterprise accounts.“Among all the anti-spam vendors we investigated, Engate not only delivered the highest performance, but also provided superior customer response and channel support,” said Peter Benisti, President & CEO, Trustifi, Inc. “Engate’s solution has been easy to deploy and has stopped nearly 100% of spam at our customer’s gateway. Engate’s high anti-spam accuracy has eliminated the issues we used to experience with false positives and has helped customers like Aspex Eyewear to free up valuable IT resources, ensure business-critical email delivery, and increase their employee’s productivity.”"Trustifi is highly regarded for their expertise with enterprise IT networks," said Wil Cochran, President & CEO, Engate Technology. “We’re pleased to be working with Trustifi to bring cost-effective, high performance anti-spam solutions to their customers. Blocking spam and malicious payloads at the network level will empower its customers like Aspex Eyewear to improve employee and IT productivity by significantly reducing the time wasted dealing with spam and attacks on their desktop and mobile devices.”Powered by Engate™, Trustifi offers both an appliance-based and hosted anti-spam solution that has proven effective in stopping over 99% of spam outside of the customer’s network, delivering faster throughput and an immediate savings in capital and operating costs as a result of reduced bandwidth, storage and CPU cycles. Engate’s proprietary network profiling technology delivers a real-time view of offending networks which cannot be forged or adapted by a spammer"s present and future tactics, protecting customers from new and ever-changing spam techniques with virtually no false positives.Companies can sign up today for a free trial of Engate’s breakthrough network layer anti-spam security. Registrants have the option to sign up for an on premise evaluation or a hosted trial evaluation. This no-cost, fully-functional trial version is a fast, easy and risk-free way for organizations to evaluate Engate’s preemptive anti-spam functionality.
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