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İlan Kodu :M-182550
İlan Türü :Satılık - Sıfır
Fiyat :850.000
Üretim Tipi :Özel Üretim
Model : 12000 bph
Revizyon Var mı? :Yok
Görüntülenme :1456
Güncellenme Tarihi :17 Ağu 2017

Su dolum ve paketleme tesisi

and filling plant in water


Project: 0.5-1.5 bottling line


Project Desc. 12000 bph  0.5 L


Pet Blowing Machine

Air Conveyor

Quick 24x24x8 Rinsing-Filling-Capping


Full Bottle Conveyor

Roll-Fed Labelling Machine

Exit Conveyor

Accumulator Conveyor

Overlap System Shrink Machine


Palet Streching Machine



Number of Cavities                            8

Bottle Capacity                                  0.25-1.5 L

Max Body Diameter                           90 mm

Max Body Heigth                               335 mm

Max Neck Diameter                           42 mm

Max Nominal Output                          12000 bph*

Heating Power                                    96 kW

Total Installed Power                         122 kW

Length x Width x Heigth ( mm)         6000-2160-2550 mm

Weigth 6800 kg



Operating  System                                 Rotary

Bottle  Capacity                                     0.25-1.5 L

Max  Body Diameter                             90 mm

Max Body Heigth                                  335 mm

Max Nominal Output                            12.200 bph

Numbers of Rinsing Heads                   24

Numbers of Filling Nozzles                    24

Numbers of Capping Heads                   8

Material Complete                                 316 Cr-Ni

Operation Air                                         6 ATM

Machine Conveyor                                1.5 m

Total Installed Power                             6 kW

Length x Width x Heigth ( mm)             3380-1860-2250 mm

Weigth 3700 kg



Operating System Linear

Bottle Capacity                                0.25-1.5 L

Max Body Diameter                         90 mm

Max Body Heigth                             335 mm

Max Nominal Output                       22.000 bph

Operating Magazine Type              OPP

Control of Operation                       Servo motor

Operation Air                                   6 ATM - 60 L/min

Machine Conveyor                          1.5 m

Total Installed Power                      6 kW

Length x Width x Heigth ( mm)      1450-1850-1950 mm

Weigth 950 kg



4.1 Air Conveyor

Location  : After blow moulding machine

Length.   : 24 meters

Material  : 304 Cr-Ni

4.2 Full Bottle Conveyor

Location : After filling machine before labelling machine

Length    : 12 meters

Material  : 304 Cr-Ni

4.3 Exit Bottle Conveyor

Location : After labelling before shrink machine

Length.   : 6 meters

Material  : 304 Cr-Ni

4.4 Accumulator Conveyor

Location : Before shrink machine

Length   : 4000 x 512 mm x 2 pieces

Material : 304 Cr-Ni



Operating System                                               Overlap

Bottle Capacity                                                    0.25-1.5 L

Shrink Feed                                                         Servo system

Capacity                                                               35 pack/ min

Pack groups                                                         2x1-2x2-4x3-4x6-3x2

Feeding of bottles                                                Front and Side

Film thickness                                                     30-80 micron PE

Film width                                                            Max 700 mm

Operation Air                                                       6 ATM - 50 L/min

Total Installed Power                                           39 kW

Length x Width x Heigth ( mm)                           10500-1600-1950 mm

Weigth                                                                   4500 kg



Max no of printheads                                                     1

Inks                                                                              Dye-based

Lines of print                                                              2x5

Max line speed                                                           960 fpm

Protection standart IP                                                65

Core life                                                                       12000 hours

Umbilical length                                                          3 m


DESCRIPTION UNIT                                            UNIT

PET BLOWING MACHINE (0.5 AND 1.5 L )              1

Air Conveyor                                                                    24

Quick 24x24x8 Rinsing-Filling-Capping Machine          1

Full Bottle Conveyor                                                        12

Roll-Fed Labelling Machine                                            1

Exit Conveyor                                                                   6

Accumulator Conveyor                                                     2

Overlap System Shrink Machine                                      1

Ink-Jet                                                                                1

Palet Steching Machine                                                     1


Extra mould set for each size ( Blowing-

Filling-Labelling change-over parts )

Comprassor Group - Chiller

Filtration System with Ozonation


Electric & Organize

The electrical installation of the complete line iscolected in a box indepented from the machine.All

the signalization on the machine is organized by a main PLC.

Operation Safety

All the operations of the machine are realized automatically without any manual involment.The

body of the machine is equipped wtih damping covers and covered with protection sheet metal

coated with plexy panels so that the probability of a manuel intervene to the moving parts is

removed.The machine control voltage is 24 VDC in confirmation with machinery safety

standarts.By pressing one of the urgent stop buttons on the front and rear panels of the

machine ,all the active outlets shall be closed and the machine stops.


2 years for mechanical and electrical parts, starting from the date of Start-up. During the period of

guarantee, we will repair or replace free of charge any defected part, but transport and customs tax

of the parts replaced under warranty are to customer charge. The guarantee relevant to the

mechanical parts does not include any normal wear caused by the system working. The costs for

travel (flıght tıckets), board and lodging of the technician are at buyer’s charge.When any problem

happened,if buyer can’t fix problem , after than calling in 3 days seller will prepare an technician.

(Without Visa processing.)

Start-up & Training

Included to our price above, for 5 days.Travel ,hotel and food expenses for technicians will be at

customer's charge.

Delivery Date

The machine is to be delivered within 3 months after the placed order




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