Orsus provides integrated security to US water utility

Orsus provides integrated security to US water utility Orsus(R) has been awarded a contract for its Situator(TM) product suite with a large, U.S.-based supplier of water and wastewater treatment services. The project involves integrating access control, video surveillance, sensors and radar systems located at 50 facilities into a unified platform.The implementation of Situator began in February 2008 and is expected to double in size over the next year. The 50 facilities connected via Situator include pump stations and water treatment facilities to reservoirs and holding tanks. This water supply company serves 2.8 million residents and will monitor and manage Situator from its corporate headquarters.According to the security director at the water company, it needed a high-level solution to accomplish its security goals and bring its systems and security policy and procedures together.Phase one of the project involves integrating its access control, video surveillance, and digital video recording into a single platform. The second phase of the project will integrate the water company"s perimeter based fence detection, underground seismic sensors and thermal imaging systems.By deploying Situator, the customer gains a scalable platform that can handle its growing security infrastructure and any future regulatory compliance mandated by the government for the water industry. The company can integrate incident reporting, simulate security related events for training purposes and deploy system analysis tools to provide a comprehensive security approach. Situator enables the customer to train personnel on a single security platform and significantly decreases the training time needed since the system can walk an operator through the necessary steps to follow in the event of an alarm."The reason this water supply company chose to deploy Situator is because of its scalability, flexibility and ability to integrate with multiple subsystems without major cost and design criteria," said Ian Francisco, chief technology officer for Unlimited Technology, the engineering and systems integration firm that selected and implemented the solution."Orsus is excited to be working with one of the largest water producers in the United State and Unlimited Technology to provide a Situation Management solution that will meet its security needs today and in the future," said Gal Oron, President Americas at Orsus. "Critical infrastructure facilities now demand an integrated security approach and Situator provides a scaleable, yet easy-to-use solution."Situator is a security and safety Situation Management software for integrated control rooms. It creates an environment where all current and future technologies, people and actionable procedures are fused into a unified control and management platform. Situator leverages existing security investments and empowers security personnel to focus on exception management. With its advanced planning tools, Situator helps transform routine and emergency plans into actionable, adaptive tasks and procedures and integrate them with virtually any security and safety devices, management systems, dynamic data sources and communication systems.Situator reduces potentially costly human error, makes it easy to establish and maintain compliance with industry and government regulations and dramatically improves the speed and effectiveness of incident response and recovery while actually reducing operating costs.Situator is available and fully supported in North America and around the world through a network of security and safety integrators.

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